What is the Online Townhall Forum?

As part of the Windsor General Plan Update, the Town is using an online Townhall Forum; an innovative community engagement tool to learn the preferences of residents for Windsor’s future. The Townhall Forum is run through a web-based platform called mySidewalk. It allows residents to communicate with each other, Town leaders, and Town staff about the issues relevant to Windsor. A benefit of using the online Townhall Forum is that residents can easily provide input throughout the General Plan Update process from their home or workplace computer, on their mobile phone or tablet, or from any other location with an internet connection.

How can I Participate in the Online Townhall Forum?

At this stage in the General Plan Update process, the Town is seeking your input about how Windsor should grow and change over the next 25 years. The Town held three open-house workshops in March 2016, and is now using the online Townhall Forum to provide another way for residents to participate in the General Plan Update. The questions included on the Townhall Forum are designed to replicate the activities from the open-house workshops.

Click the links below to access the online Townhall Forum. In order to participate, you will need to create an account.

  • Activity #1: Priorities/Values. This activity is designed for you to tell us what is most important when considering how Windsor grows and changes. You will evaluate the criteria based on your priorities/values.
  • Activity #2: How would you plan Windsor? This activity is designed for you to share how you would plan the future growth and development in Windsor’s Focus Areas. You will choose your preferred alternative for each Focus Area based on what you think is important for Windsor’s future (the priorities/values you identified in Activity #1: Priorities/Values).

Why do I Need to Create an Account?

Each participant in the online Townhall Forum needs to create an account. By creating an account, you will help ensure the Townhall Forum is a productive tool for the Town. It will also ensure input provided by participants is representative of Windsor’s residents. The online Townhall Forum allows participants to see each other’s comments and provide responses, creating an interactive atmosphere in the online Townhall Forum.